Zak Fortuna - Troy, MI

What is your favorite Westside disc

Bt Hard Harp

Home course, State, Country

Zilker Park, Austin, TX

Favorite course, State, Country

Many that I have yet to play! Though out of all that I have played so far, I would have to say that Hickory Hills and the famed USADGC Toboggan course have to be some of my most favorite courses.

Home town (and where you live now, if not there)

Troy, MI

Beginner tip you would give to new players

Work on being smooth with everything. When you are smooth it is easier to have a feel for the disc and it is much easier to mimic to achieve consistency.

What is your most memorable disc golf moment

I have lots of good memories from this sport. I think the most memorable moment that really got me hooked on the game itself was probably two weeks into the game. Not long after my buddy had showed me this game and taught me how to play, I was sitting on hole one at Zilker park trying to figure out my sidearm drive. After probably 5 shots of a little frustration not achieving the same type of shot my friends were getting, a local disc golfer had come up to me and handed me a disc and said to throw it out wide and flat. I did as he had told me and a mere few seconds later the disc had smashed dead center into the chains! This was my first ace ever, and the funny thing was it took me 6 months to get that ace disc from him. It was a first run excalibur. It is still in my possession in my box of ace discs.

What are your goals for season 2017

My goals are to play and travel as much as I possibly can. I want to improve my game and meet fellow disc golfers and try to give them a run for their money! I feel the only way to do that is to go play with the better players at the world class courses and see what happens! My next event is Throw Down the Mountain in Florida, and i’m extremely excited for it!