Sean Stover - Longmont, CO

What is your favorite Westside disc

More recently I've been digging on the King. I bomb the hell out of that thing!

Home course, State, Country

I currently live in Longmont, Colorado. Home course is Clark Centennial Park in Longmont.

Favorite course, State, Country

I haven't been overseas yet but I would say my current favorite course is Pueblo City Park here in Pueblo, Colorado.

Home town (and where you live now, if not there)

I grew up in Chesaning, Michigan. Then lived in Flint, Michigan for many years. I now live in Longmont, Colorado.

Beginner tip you would give to new players

There's no right and wrong way to putt. There are so many different styles if you watch videos. Just get into a form that you are comfortable with and stay true to it. Practice and confidence is the key for making putts.

What is your most memorable disc golf moment

I would definitely have to say getting the congratulatory email from Feldberg about getting on with Team Westside was up there, but really it was a great feeling when I moved into the open field a few years ago and became good friends with the players I looked up to when I started. Meeting great people is one of the greatest highlights of this sport.

What are your goals for season 2017

To promote the Trilogy family to the best of my ability, and to sink my teeth into my first sanctioned win in the open field!