Parker Bevins - Knoxville, Tennessee

Beginner Tip

Learn to throw both forehand and backhand from the very beginning! Putting is the most important part of any players game, so make sure to practice regularly!

Most Memorable Moment

During the 2016 Am World Championships, I made a final round charge at Capital Springs DGC in which I birdied 9 out of my last 11 holes to secure a spot in the semi-finals.

Disc Golf Career Goals

My goals for the future are mostly centered around continuing to grow the sport in my area and continuing to mature as a player. Hopefully I can get my first Open win within the next year as well!

In The Bag


Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Enforcer

Stable backhands

Dynamic Discs Lucid Captain

Max distance backhands

Westside Discs Tournament Queen


Westside Discs VIP Ahti

Overstable backhands/flicks

Latitude 64 Opto Culverin

Straight backhands/flicks

Latitude 64 Opto Trident

Straight/flippy backhands

Latitude 64 Gold Maul



Westside Discs VIP Anvil

Overstable backhand/flicks

Dynamic Discs Lucid Verdict

Straight/stable backhands

Dynamic Discs Lucid EMAC Truth

Straight backhands

Westside Discs VIP Tursas


Westside Discs VIP Harp

Overstable driving putter

Westside Discs BT Soft Harp

Utility upshot disc

Westside Discs BT Medium Shield

Straight drives

Latitude 64 Opto Pure

Straight to understable drives

Latitude 64 Zero Hard Pure

Understable drives

Dynamic Discs Prime Judge

All putts inside 60 feet