Nick Lopez - Salt Lake City, Utah

Beginner Tip

Don’t start out learning only one throwing method. Make the effort to learn backhand, forehand, overhand, etc. right from the get-go. Getting too comfortable with one throwing method will make things harder down the road when you need to learn something new. Also, remember that no individual pro, whether your favorite or not, has all of the right answers to form and functionality. Every pro does something well and that’s what got them to where they are. Don’t mimic someone’s game…find your own.

Most Memorable Moment

My first trip to GBO in 2014 and winning the Cache Valley Classic in MA1 in 2015.

Disc Golf Career Goals

Break that 1000 mark and promote the sport and brands well. Keep the growth going locally and globally!

In The Bag


Latitude 64 Opto Ballista Pro

Stable distance.

Westside Discs VIP Destiny

Stable hyzerflip distance as well as understable hyzerflip distance.

Westside Discs VIP Queen

Distance roller.

Westside Discs VIP Giant

Overstable and stable distance and wind.

Westside Discs VIP War Horse

Very overstable. Wind/utility disc.

Westside Discs VIP Fortress


Westside Discs Tournament Fortress


Westside Discs VIP Ahti

Very overstable.

Westside Discs VIP Longbowman

Overstable fairway/forehand.

Westside Discs Tournament Hatchet

Hyzerflip/finesse fairway.

Latitude 64 Opto River

Stable fairway.


Latitude 64 2K Opto-G Gobi


Westside Discs VIP Anvil


Westside Discs Tournament Sling


Westside Discs VIP Tursas


Westside Discs VIP Anvil

Very overstable approach.


Westside Discs VIP Harp

Overstable approach/tee.

Westside Discs BT Soft Harp

Overstable approach.

Westside Discs VIP Shield

Overstable tee shots.

Westside Discs BT Medium Shield

Putting/stable tee.

Westside Discs BT Medium Swan 1 Reborn