JC Mitchell - Bentonville, AR

What is your favorite Westside disc

Swan, Bard, Giant

Home course, State, Country

Twin Creeks DGC, Rogers, Arkansas, US

Favorite course, State, Country

Waterworks DGC, Missouri, US

Home town (and where you live now, if not there)

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Live in Bentonville, Arkansas, US.

Beginner tip you would give to new players

Don't compare yourself to others in terms of distance or scores. Don't jump into the fastest, most overstable molds. Focus on learning with neutral or stable flight discs to learn a firm fundamental base with good form and accuracy. Distance will come with time!

What is your most memorable disc golf moment

My 18 month old son picking up my Fuse and throwing it about 25 feet without any prompting!

What are your goals for season 2017

Play at the level I know I am capable of, consistently, in tournaments this year. Mental focus and endurance.