Jason Herm - San Juan, CA

What is your favorite Westside disc

I love the World, it's control at high speeds is amazing!

Home course, State, Country

My home course is Penn Valley, California

Favorite course, State, Country

Milo McIver in Portland Oregon, pro layout is a must play for a top pro!

Home town (and where you live now, if not there)

I'm from north San Juan, CA. And I live in auburn, CA.

Beginner tip you would give to new players

Talking to new players I would recommend to focus on form, do it slow (no scissor step) to begin with, and really work on reaching as far back as you can, and try to pull straight through. Don't be concerned about the distance right away, it will come! Practice, practice, practice!

What is your most memorable disc golf moment

My most memorable moment in disc golf was playing in the USDGC back in 2002. That was my first experience playing on that style of course, it opened my eyes up to what disc golf could really be like, and the glaring holes in my disc golf game!

What are your goals for season 2017

Me and my lady picked up a motorhome so we can travel the country. I would like to upgrade my player rating, keep it above 1010 for a period of time, play some amazing courses and try my hand against the worlds best players! I want to play as many national tour events as I can, the Worlds and finish the season back at the USDGC! I'm very excited about having a sponsorship with Westside Discs, and I'm looking forward to all the endeavors that we may share in together!