Brad Rich - Salem, Oregon

Beginner Tip

Practice your form throwing putters and midranges to start. Slower discs will always reflect your flaws much more than high speed drivers.

Most Memorable Moment

Getting invited to play for Westside Discs as a sponsored athlete.

Disc Golf Career Goals

Reach 1000
Play more A Tiers, NT’s & Majors
Run more events
Design a course

In The Bag


Westside Discs VIP Giant

Westside Discs Tournament Giant

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Trespass

Dynamic Discs Lucid Trespass

Dynamic Discs Lucid Captain

Latitude 64 Gold Saint Pro

Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon

Westside Discs VIP Ahti


Westside Discs VIP Warship

Westside Discs VIP Anvil

Latitude 64 Retro Anchor


Latitude 64 Retro Pure

Dynamic Discs Classic Judge

Westside Discs BT Hard Harp